Iraq: Prime Minister Adel Abel Mahdi downplays US decision to sanction al-Nujaba

The Iraqi government has rejected the US decision to sanction the Iraqi resistance movement al-Nujaba, one of the components of the Hashd al-Shaabi, known for its efforts in the fight against terrorism.

The United States Treasury Department announced sanctions against the al-Nujaba movement and its Secretary General Akram al-Kaabi on Tuesday, March 5.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abel Mahdi said his government would make this American decision.

In response to the inclusion of the Iraqi resistance group al-Nujaba on the United States’ “black list”, Adel Abel Mahdi stressed at a weekly press conference that the Iraqi government respects all groups operating under the aegis of Hashd al-Shaabi, who have sacrificed themselves to free Iraqi territories from terrorism.

He added that placing the Iraqi movement by Washington on its list of terrorist organizations was not “binding”.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, March 6, al-Nujaba described this American measure as “a cause for pride”, since “after fighting Daech, our fighters are proud to fight their American sponsors”.

For many military analysts, the sanctions imposed on the movement are actually an admission of powerlessness and a sign of fear. Failing to fight al-Nujaba on the battlefield, the Americans and Israelis resorted to backdoor means.


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