Iraq Rejects U.S. Demand for Iranian Gas and Energy Sanctions

The Iraqi government has assured that it will not abide by U.S. pressure to stop Iran’s energy imports.

Iraqi Electricity Minister Luai Jatib told the Iraqi media on Monday that Baghdad ignores Washington’s demands to suspend gas and electricity imports from its Persian neighbor.

On 22 April, the US government decided to put an end to the exemptions it granted to eight countries, including Iraq, to freely import oil from Iran, so that from 2 May, all Iranian energy-importing states had to submit to unilateral US sanctions.

“Iraq now imports about 1200 megawatts of electricity from Iran. It also imports gas from Iran to produce another 2800 megawatts of electricity”, explained the Iraqi headline, without detailing whether or not the Americans made their claim after the end of the exemptions.
Washington, after abandoning the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1 Group (then made up of the US, the UK, France, Russia and China, plus Germany) in 2018, re-imposed unilateral sanctions against Tehran, but on two occasions had to issue exemptions for Iraq in order not to generate greater instability in the Arab country, which is increasingly dependent on Iranian gas and electricity to face the chronic blackouts it is experiencing.

The US government has repeatedly put pressure on Iraq to support its anti-Rania policies, but this has been in vain, as it has come up against the strong historical ties between Iran and Iraq.

Iran, one of the largest producers and exporters of crude oil and gas on the planet, has assured that it will frustrate the US embargoes and that US rhetoric will only boost the price of oil worldwide.

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