Iraq, Salahuddine: vast Hachd operation against Daech

In the midst of clashes between Iraqi forces and Daech, some political currents in the Iraqi parliament have reported a new American plot to overthrow Adel Abdel Mahdi’s government.

Iraqi army forces, supported by fighters from the Popular Mobilization Committee (Hachd al-Chaabi), recently conducted a major military operation against the residues of the Daech terrorist group in Salahuddine province north of Baghdad.

Iraqi media have announced that Iraqi forces are currently following their military operation on the island of Salaheddine to repel the Takfirists.

According to information sources, the Iraqi army is simultaneously following another military operation against the Daech elements in Nineveh province.

The Commander of the joint operation of the Iraqi armed forces, Sa’ad Harbiya, said:

“The Hachd al-Chaabi soldiers, supported by the air forces, attacked the Daechist positions on the northern axis of the province. » ;

“The military operation in Salahuddine aims to dismantle the small groups near Daech as well as the dormant cells of this terrorist group in the mountainous region of Jabal Hamrin”.

Since the clean-up operation on the island of Salahuddine, Iraqi forces have made remarkable progress, including the release of 10 villages. Iraqi intelligence officials reported that Hashd al-Shaabi fighters had managed to recover hundreds of kilometres of the desert region of Salahuddine.

Well aware that sporadic actions by the terrorist group’s residues on the island of Salahuddine could restore insecurity in the country, Iraqi forces have orchestrated new operations near the capital and in the border areas.

However, the United States does not seem to like the end of Daech in Iraq. At a time when the Iraqi government and army are determined to eliminate Daech forever, the United States seems to be launching a new game to overthrow the Iraqi government. Some Iraqi political parties have confirmed the news of an American plan to overthrow the government of Adel Abdel Mahdi. But according to them, although the White House may have provoked a new political crisis in Iraq, the Iraqi government and people are now determined to throw Daech and the American forces out of the country.


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