Iraq: US plot revealed by the Hashd

“The United States cannot move our forces away from the Syrian border,” the Hachd al-Chaabi replied.

Quoted by the Sputnik news agency, a senior official of the Hachd al-Chaabi (Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units), Hassan al-Sari, said the United States was not able to keep the Hachds away from the Iraq-Syrian border. “The presence of American forces in Iraq is an attack on Iraqi sovereignty,” he added.

“The United States would do well not to provoke the Hachd al-Shaabi. They are no longer able to create a force, like Daech, on Iraqi territory; Iraqi security institutions are now much stronger than before,” Hassan al-Sari added.

He also denounced Washington’s “sterile efforts” to prevent the Hachd al-Chaabi from reaching Mosul, Fallujah and Tikrit.

“The Hachd al-Shaabi is not an instrument in the hands of the United States; the Hachd is a state institution headed by the General Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces,” he said.

The senior member of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units stressed that nothing could justify the presence of American forces in different parts of the country; “which is rejected by both the Iraqi people and the Hashd al-Shaabi, and which is an attack on Iraqi sovereignty”.

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