Islamic Jihad: Our missiles reach Tel Aviv and beyond

The Al-Quds Brigade, an armed branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, claims to have missiles capable of reaching the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Netanya.

Abu Hamza, spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigade, confirmed on Sunday that Jihad had made significant advances in missile technology and developed projectiles capable of destroying hostile targets located in the cities of Tel Aviv, Netanya (in the centre of the occupied Palestinian territories), and even beyond Netanya.

The Palestinian military spokesman warned the “Zionist enemy” that Islamic Jihad was prepared to respond to any Israeli action and, if it did, would turn Israeli villages and towns into “hell”.

In an exclusive interview with Iranian Arabic-language channel Al Alam TV, Abu Hamza said that what was taken by force will only be recovered by force.
“The Zionist enemy has no place on Palestinian soil, it must leave this blessed land or it will suffer severe blows,” said the spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigade.

The south of the besieged Gaza Strip, including the cities of Rafah and Jan Yunis, are frequent targets of Israeli attacks. They justify such aggressions by arguing that it is a response to rocket attacks by Resistance groups.

In November, the Resistance groups responded with a barrage of missiles to an Israeli aggression on the coastal enclave, forcing Israel to accept a ceasefire with the Palestinians.

On December 31, the secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ziad al-Najala, emphasized that the Resistance groups are now more powerful than ever.

“The Palestinian Islamic Resistance is now more powerful than ever, so if a conflict breaks out, it could destroy with its Tel Aviv missiles and any other city and colony that Israel administers,” warned the Palestinian leader from Tehran, the Persian capital, where he was on an official visit.

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