Israel claims that Iran has built a missile factory in Syria

To justify its regular attacks against Syria, the Israeli regime claimed that Iran had recently built missile manufacturing plants in the west of that country.

After the recent strikes by Israeli fighters at Damascus airport, Israeli pro-Tel-Aviv television channel 12 claimed: “Iran has built a new precision missile factory in Syria in the same region where Israeli air strikes had destroyed a previous one. »

The report claims: “Israel discovered that the plant was built in the suburbs of Latakia, a town near the Russian Air Force base in Hmeimim. »

This report continues its misleading allegations by writing: “The Syrian government and Hezbollah reportedly helped Iran to build the plant. The missile parts were reportedly ordered from Italy, China and other Asian countries through companies established by the Centre for Scientific Research and Studies (SSRC) in Syria. The Technology Industries Organisation (TIO) and the ANAS group have helped to circumvent international sanctions against the Iranian missile programme. »

Israeli television channel 12, which broadcasts its allegations, is well known for broadcasting false information about Iran.

About 10 days ago, following a conference on security in occupied Palestine, attended by senior officials from various military and security institutions in different countries, Israeli television channel 12 broadcast false information that Iran had withdrawn from the nuclear agreement. This blatant lie had angered the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano.

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