Israel/Saudi Arabia normalization: Saudi intelligence chief in Tel Aviv

The Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies has just revealed that the head of the Saudi intelligence service had visited Tel Aviv.

According to the electronic version of the Al-Sharq newspaper, Israeli journalist Edy Cohen, a researcher at the Begin-Sadat Study Centre, revealed that as part of the process of normalizing relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv and preparing for the upcoming visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Saudi Arabia, Khaled ben Ali ben Abdallah al-Hamidane, head of the Saudi intelligence apparatus, has travelled to Israel.

Edy Cohen wrote on his Twitter page: “King Solomon’s messenger bird son of King David is currently in Tel Aviv… His Excellency General Khaled ben Ali ben Abdallah al-Hamidane, the head of general intelligence for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. »
According to him, his journey began from King Abdel Aziz’s airport in Jeddah, transiting through Amman in Jordan to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv.

Cohen says the plane went through Jordan to divert attention from its real destination. “According to an initial search of my sources at the airport, the plane was rented in Malta,” he added. Cohen had previously revealed the identity of the Emirati personality who had made the trip to Tel Aviv on 20 January from Abu Dhabi.

“A private plane (9H-VCL) arrived in Israel from Abu Dhabi (UAE) without any transit to Amman (Jordan),” had tweeted another journalist from Yediot Ahronot, known as Blumenthal.

According to Cohen, it carried Abdallah Ben Zayed, the Emirate Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Tahnoune Ben Zayed, the National Security Advisor.

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