Israel subjects Palestinian prisoners to dangerous radiation

The Israeli authorities subject Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to dangerous radiation harmful to their health, several media outlets report.

According to the Iranian Arabic-language channel Al Alam, quoting Palestinian media, in recent days the Israeli regime has installed jamming machines for radio and television signals in prisons where it holds Palestinian prisoners.

These machines, the media warn, are too dangerous to health because of the powerful radiation they emit so that almost immediately after installing them a large number of Palestinian prisoners began to suffer severe headaches.

It is feared that if prisoners are subjected to this radiation in the long term, their health could deteriorate significantly and they could develop diseases such as cancer.

In addition, as a direct result of the installation of these machines, Palestinian prisoners are unable to use televisions and radios in the prison since signal jamming devices make it impossible for such signals to reach the areas where they are installed.

Similarly, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement has revealed that also in recent days the managers of some prisons of the Israeli regime have burned the belongings of Palestinian prisoners for no reason, an act that violates their rights.
Faced with this situation, the movement warns that Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are preparing to face the occupying regime to account for their crimes.

Israel holds in its prisons more than 7,000 Palestinian prisoners, of whom some 500 are in “administrative detention”, which allows Palestinians to be imprisoned without charge or trial for periods of up to six months, extendable an unlimited number of times.

Although several human rights organizations have denounced the ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners, especially minors, there has been no change in Israel’s policies and those imprisoned continue to be tortured.

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