“Israel supplies Palestinian prisoners with expired and rotten food.”

The Israeli regime provides Palestinian prisoners with rotten and defeated food, causing them various illnesses, denounces a PLO commission.

The Palestinian Commission for Detained and Ex-detained Affairs of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) denounced this situation today, Wednesday, based on testimonies of prisoners in Israeli jails.

“Most of the food offered by the occupation to the prisoners are different types of dairy products and expired canned food,” said the released Tariq Abu Shaluf.

Prison officials, Abu Shaluf says, also do not allow prisoners to prepare hot meals, in order to force them to consume these expired foods.

According to the former prisoner, many of the Palestinian prisoners suffer from vomiting and nausea immediately after eating the food given to them by Israeli officials, so many of them are forced to refrain from eating.

On the other hand, Maydi Salem, spokesperson for Ansar Al-Asra, an organization defending the rights of prisoners, has pointed out that Palestinian captives “experience very difficult days in Zionist prisons”, which affects their physical and mental health.
On Tuesday, several media outlets revealed that the Israeli authorities subject Palestinian prisoners in their prisons to dangerous radiation harmful to their health.

Palestine has repeatedly called on the international community to intervene to stop the inhumane practices of the Tel Aviv regime against prisoners, which violate all standards relating to the treatment of prisoners.

Israel maintains more than 7,000 Palestinians in its prisons, of whom some 500 are in “administrative detention”, which allows Palestinians to be imprisoned without charge or trial indefinitely, chained without limit for periods of up to six months.

In addition to putting pressure on Palestinian detainees, Israel has repeatedly attacked relatives of prisoners and destroyed their homes, including those of relatives of martyrs in resistance to the occupation.

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