Israeli army installs new missile system on Gaza border

The Israeli regime now faces a permanent threat: armed struggle. No day goes by without the Israeli army launching attacks against Palestinians, not only in Gaza but also in the West Bank and Quds. But the Palestinian Resistance remains united more than ever for whom armed struggle is the only way to drive out the occupier. In addition, the inhabitants of Gaza have had the initiative to fight, in their own way, against the Israeli occupiers by throwing incendiary balloons at Israeli settlements and pushing settlers to flee their homes.

Since the start of the March of the Great Return on March 30, 2018, Palestinian kites, despite their simplicity, have posed serious problems for the Israeli regime, which seems unarmed in the face of the Palestinians’ new tactics.

Faced with this “security threat” that frightens Israelis, the “Tsahal” has decided to install its new high-precision supersonic aerobalistic missile system.

The Israeli army therefore intends to deploy a new aerobalistic missile system along the border with the Gaza Strip.

The Rampage (MARS missile), is a high-precision supersonic Israeli air-to-ground aerobalistic missile guided by inertial navigation and a satellite positioning system that will soon be deployed by the Israeli army on the Gaza border.

Paltoday’s website announced this news, while claiming that the system was designed to identify “border threats”. The “Rampage” is also sensitive, Israel claims, against the incendiary balloons and kites being thrown by Palestinians in Gaza towards Israeli settlements across the border of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli regime has not yet succeeded in preventing the launching of these incendiary devices, yet the use of supersonic bombs to counter them seems particularly paradoxical. Some sources believe that there are elements of a broader shield that Israel may deploy perhaps not only against the Palestinians or the Resistance. The latest Israeli raid on Syria (Maysaf) reportedly involved the same missiles that, according to the Israelis, failed the Russian s-300s.


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