Israeli elections begin with Netanyahu’s future at stake

Polling stations are opened in the occupied Palestinian territories with the aim of electing a new parliament and a new premier of the Israeli regime.

Among the favourites are the two Benjamin: Netanyahu, supported by its far-right Likud party, and Gantz, representing the centre-right Blue and White party.

Netanyahu, who has been in power for more than 13 years, is seeking a fifth term. Meanwhile, 59-year-old Gantz, an exparachutist, has the experience of having been commander of a special forces unit and former chief of staff of the Tel Aviv regime’s war forces.

Netanyahu struggles in this election in the face of imminent charges of bribery and abuse of power. Israel’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, has recently announced that he will indict the prime minister for bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Elections were called in December, apparently after the regime abandoned efforts to obtain a new military bill in parliament. It seems clear that Netanyahu believed it was the right time: to send voters to the polls before charges are filed against them.

The name of the Blue and White party represents the colors of the flag of this regime. The message is equally simple: the end of the creation of the Blue and White party is to snatch Israel from Netanyahu, who has been in power in this regime for more than a decade, Gantz said. The former Israeli chief of staff led two deadly aggressions against the besieged Gaza Strip during his tenure.

Both candidates have made many promises in their election campaigns. One of the most prominent was Netanyahu. The premier has recently promised the annexation of parts of the coupada West Bank, if his party wins the elections. Netanyahu’s statements provoked criticism from the international community.

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