Israeli pilot captured: Israel threatens Islamabad with military action

Much information has been made public about the Pakistani attack on Indian fighter aircraft, but few media reports have revealed that one of the Indian pilots, who was captured by Pakistan, was an Israeli. This is the information that most media reports have published: Pakistani forces arrested two pilots who had managed to eject themselves from an Indian fighter plane. The identity of one of the pilots remained unknown.

In this regard, the Pakistani daily Ummat writes: “According to several corroborating military sources, not only India but also Israel was in favour of an attack on Pakistan and some of the Indian fighter planes, equipped with Israeli missiles, were flown by Israeli pilots. The shot down Indian Sukhoi was piloted by two pilots, one of whom was Israeli, which Tel Aviv did not want to publicize. Hence his silence after the plane crashed. »

According to the Pakistani daily, “India quickly took action and contacted the Pakistani ambassador in New Delhi. Indian officials stressed that any conditions would be accepted for the release of Lieutenant Colonel Abhinandan Varthaman, the son of the former Commander of the Indian Air Force.

Ummat added that the Indian pilot had been released, but that India could not act for the release of the Israeli pilot.

“Pakistan did not know how and to whom to deliver the Israeli pilot. It was then that India claimed that the Indian fighter aircraft had been shot down by an American F-16. Thanks to this scenario, India was able to claim that Pakistan was not allowed to use an F-16 against Pakistan, which would allow US officials to open an investigation into the matter,” the Pakistani daily said.

Ummat also reaffirms that Israel has implicitly warned that “if the Israeli pilot is not returned to him, he will go to war with Pakistan”.

Tel Aviv added that the American authorities were acting as intermediaries in this case, it was reported from Ummat.

The Pakistani daily continues: “Islamabad has reacted to this threat and has prepared its Shaheen-III missiles that could destroy all of Israel. The Pakistanis were ready to release the Israeli pilot and return him to the Americans, but they were demanding concessions that Tel Aviv did not want to grant them. No one knows if the Israeli pilot has been returned to American officials, but it is certain that Islamabad will not release him until he has obtained the concessions he wants. »


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