Israeli soldiers refuse to participate in exercises against Gaza

A prison sentence was issued against Israeli soldiers guilty of refusing to participate in exercises simulating a war against Gaza.

Nine soldiers from the 51st Golan Brigade were sentenced to 20 days in prison for refusing to participate in simulated war exercises against the Gaza Strip.

The soldiers refused to take part in the exercises while on alert at a military base in the south of the occupied territories.

On Saturday, March 30, Israel suffered a stunning failure in the face of the impressive solidarity of millions of Palestinians who gathered on the Gaza border to celebrate the first anniversary of the March of the Great Return and Earth Day. The rally was so huge and the demonstrators so united that the Israeli army had to reconsider its previous announcements on launching an attack on Gaza if necessary. Frustrated, Israeli officials are now thinking of physically eliminating the leaders of the Palestinian Resistance.

Naftali Bennett, Israeli Minister of Education, expressed his anger at Hamas leader Yahya al-Sinouar for taking part in the anniversary of the March of the Great Return and Earth Day alongside several million Palestinians.

“After the firing of more than a thousand missiles and the incendiary balloons that led the Israelis to take refuge in shelters, Yahya al-Sinouar had to be physically eliminated rather than being free to dictate his conditions and taunt us by walking around carefree,” he said.

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