Jizan: Saudi army is bleeding

Some 20 pro-Saudi mercenaries were shot dead or wounded in al-Jawf province in northern Yemen.

Some 20 mercenaries in the pay of the Saudi coalition were shot dead or wounded on Tuesday, May 7, during clashes with Yemeni army forces and fighters in Ansarallah, al-Jawf province in northern Yemen.

A Yemeni military source said that Ansarallah’s fighters targeted a pro-Saudi mercenary position in al-Masloub district, belonging to al-Jawf province, on Tuesday. In addition, a number of mercenaries were killed by a roadside bomb explosion in al-Khab and al-Shaaf, a district of al-Jawf.

In Jizan, southern Saudi Arabia, a group of Saudi army soldiers were targeted by the Yemeni fighters’ UAV and artillery unit.

The attack caused extensive material damage and loss of life among the Saudis.

In addition, Saudi fighter aircraft bombed the town of Kitaf in Sa’ada province four times.

On Sunday, May 5, Yemeni fighters shot dead dozens of Saudi soldiers in Jizan and Najran in southern Saudi Arabia.

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