Lebanese Hezbollah has condemned the terrorist attacks in New Zealand

The Islamophobic massacre in New Zealand took place while the Anglo-Saxon camp, led by London and Washington, has just included Hezbollah on its blacklist and continues to participate in the Yemeni massacres. But in fact, who is the real terrorist? Hezbollah strongly condemned this massacre perpetrated by “a right-wing extremist” who targeted the worshippers in two mosques, killing 49 worshippers and wounding dozens more.

Hezbollah warned in a statement against extremist tendencies targeting Muslims and foreigners and against U.S. policies that try to sow discord in the world instead of spreading religious values based on dialogue and tolerance, Al-Manar wrote.

The political bureau of the Yemeni Ansarallah movement denounced in its statement the horrible crime committed against the faithful in two mosques in New Zealand on Friday, March 15.

“A horrible crime has occurred that is not at all justifiable. This attack is the result of provocations and intoxication campaigns aimed at spreading hatred against Muslims and Islam,” it is written in this statement reported by Al-Masirah.

During the shooting in the two mosques, 49 worshippers were killed and dozens more wounded.


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