Lebanon: Israeli warplanes flew over the Cheeba Farms for the second time in 2 days!

For the second time in two days, an Israeli Air Force spy drone violated Syrian-Lebanese airspace over the Shab’a farms. This has led the Syrian Air Defence Forces to increase their level of security, al-Masdar News reported.

In addition to this drone, Israeli fighter aircraft have also been seen flying at low altitude over the cities of Nabatieh, Al-Arqoub and Saida in southern Lebanon.

Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace on a daily basis, and this is happening despite the fact that Beirut has repeatedly filed complaints with the United Nations against these gross violations of Israeli aviation.

The new violation of Lebanese airspace comes at a time when the Lebanese Minister of Defence visited the borders with the occupied territories on Wednesday, April 24, not far from the Shebaa farms, from where he made a particularly significant appeal: “Lebanon will hit Tel Aviv airport if Israel targets Lebanon’s airport”.

The Lebanese army also reported in a statement dated 27 April that an Israeli launch had violated the southern Lebanese maritime space. In its statement, the Lebanese Army announced that an Israeli gunboat illegally entered Lebanese territorial waters at 0759 hours and proceeded towards the Lebanese sea, 535 metres from the southern town of Ras-Naqoura.

What exactly does the warning of the Minister of Defence mean when the Israeli regime regularly violates the skies of Lebanon and uses it as a rear base for strikes against Syria?

This means exactly that the Resistance’s missiles are now within the Lebanese army’s reach and that the latter, in any future confrontation with the Israeli regime, will not hesitate to use them as a target for Israel.

“If Israel bombards our airport, we will bomb its airport. If it hits our oil installations, we will hit its oil installations,” said Elias Bou Saab, during a visit to southern Lebanon, “reported the news website Al-Manar.


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