Libya: Algiers wants to calm the game

Why should Haftar worry Algiers? Kuwaiti sources have reported that Israeli military aircraft have bombed targets in support of the pro-Haftar forces’ advance towards the capital. In 2015, Israel had done the same while the marshal was walking on Sirte.

According to the Al-Jarida newspaper, Marshal Haftar also met with Mossad officials during a meeting negotiated by the United Arab Emirates just before the offensive against Tripoli. “Coordination between Haftar and Israel has been ongoing for a long time; it even held talks with Mossad agents in Jordan in 2015 and 2016,” Al- arida said, quoting another newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. The same source does not rule out the involvement of Israeli hunting in the strikes of recent days against Tripoli.

One thing is certain: what is happening in Libya will not necessarily serve Algerian or Tunisian security, hence the call for tripartite talks. In 2018, the marshal threatened to attack Algeria, which caused a stir in Algerian security and military circles.

The head of Algerian diplomacy, Sabri Boukadoum, met on Wednesday evening by telephone with his Tunisian and Egyptian counterparts and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Libya. They discussed the developments in the region and the risks of a deteriorating situation.

The head of Algerian diplomacy called on countries in the region that have an influence on actors in Libya to “redouble their efforts” to stop hostilities and work towards opening dialogue. Mr. Boukadoum proposed that Tunisia, Egypt and the UN Special Representative immediately hold a tripartite meeting to “examine ways to resolve the current crisis”.

Algeria stands in solidarity with the Libyan people. Algiers has expressed its willingness to do whatever is necessary to promote a faster restoration of peace in Libya,” said a statement from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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