London confirms its cooperation with the Israeli army

According to information provided on the British Parliament’s website, Jenny Tonge, a member of the British Parliament’s House of Lords, asked the British Ministry of Defence why London had invited the Israeli Air Force to participate in the military exercise Cobra, scheduled for this summer.
Yesterday, Monday, Lord Howe, British Under-Secretary of Defence and spokesman for the Department in the House of Lords, answered the question as follows: “The kingdom has close cooperation with the Israeli army to oppose the destabilizing activities of Iran and Hezbollah and also to conduct operations against Daech. »
According to Howe’s statement, the Israeli regime has also allowed the British Air Force to conduct air operations over occupied Palestine under the pretext of fighting Daech in Syria and Iraq.
The German and Italian air forces will also participate in the military exercise Cobra, which will take place in September 2019.
This is the first time that London has officially announced its military cooperation with Tel Aviv and against Iran and Hezbollah. Two years ago, Stuart Peach, Chief of Staff of the British Armed Forces, also described the relationship between the two armies as “strategic” during a trip to Tel Aviv.

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