Mass demonstrations by Venezuelans in favour of Nicolas Maduro

While the US authorities have expressed their support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself “interim president” of the country to oust Nicolas Maduro, current president, from power, Venezuelans say they are ready to defend their country against any foreign interference.

As a sign of support for President Nicolas Maduro, residents of the Venezuelan Falcon region took to the streets in large numbers to denounce the attempted coup d’état. The demonstrators said they were ready to defend their country against foreign interference, Al-Alam reported.

But American rhetoric about Venezuela is hardening. The failure of the US coup attempt in Venezuela was not enough to deter the White House’s warring factions from abandoning the Bolivarian state collapse project with the strict objective of applying the “Broader Middle East” doctrine to the Caribbean basin.

“Instead of blowing up his bombs to massacre us, Donald Trump only has to deal with his country’s internal affairs,” said one demonstrator.

“They want to do the same thing in Venezuela as they have done in other countries. They are trying to plunder our wealth,” said one of the demonstrators.

“We defend ourselves tooth and nail if the Americans or any foreign force sets foot in Venezuela,” said another demonstrator.

According to Reuters, the United States had tried to get a statement approved by the Security Council to announce council members’ support for the Venezuelan National Assembly as the country’s only democratically elected body, but it encountered opposition from Russia, China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea.


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