Mercenaries in the pay of Saudi Arabia and the UAE kill each other

Yemeni army forces and Ansarallah fighters are resisting mercenaries from the Saudi Arabian-led Arab coalition across Yemen. In the southern provinces of Yemen, resistance to the continued presence of Saudi and Emirati occupants has increased. But within the latter’s own ranks, disagreements are raging over oil between mercenaries in Riyadh and those who have sworn allegiance to Abu Dhabi.

Equipped with heavy weapons, militiamen of the Yemeni al-Islah Party (a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) are deployed around oil wells in the town of Safar in Maarib province.

The forces known as Brigade 107, affiliated with the Yemeni al-Islah party, moved into the oil town after special forces from the al-Shabwah region, affiliated with the United Arab Emirates, installed garrisons there.

Yemen’s oil-rich provinces are the scene of bloody clashes between Emirates mercenaries and al-Islah party militiamen, close to Saudi Arabia, for the control of oil fields.

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have recruited Salafists in eastern Yemen

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates recently invited Salafists residing in the province of al-Mahra, located in the far east of Yemen in the vicinity of the Sultanate of Oman, with a view to provoking the people against local leaders by preaching their doctrine of hatred in different circles.

The pawns in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are incessantly provoking the habitats of al-Mahra against their local leaders who oppose the presence of Saudi soldiers in the province, trying to instil in them the idea that criticism of Saud’s behaviour or the organization of demonstrations against them are irrational acts.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pay high salaries to these Salafists every month. They also provided them with buildings, some of which they transformed into mosques and schools to instil their ideology among the population.

Inscriptions on the walls of Aden call for the expulsion of the Emirates’ occupants

On the walls of the buildings of the city of Aden, we see these days inscriptions and slogans condemning the Emirati occupation and the presence of their elements in this city.

With the increase in arbitrary acts by Arab coalition militias against civilians in Aden, discontent with the Emirati occupation has increased considerably.


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