Mohammed bin Salman has supported Islamophobic parties in Europe: Study

A famous Israeli university reveals the support of Mohammed bin Salman from the extreme right groups and the Islamophobic parties in Europe.
Israeli University of Bar-Ilan revealed in a research study that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is supporting Saudi Arabia’s radical and extremist parties Europe, according to ISNA. The closure of the Grand Mosque in Brussels by Saudi Arabia is a clear sign of this.
According to the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, the Israeli scholar, Saleh al-Nawami, who published this study, expressed his surprise at the behavior of Mohamed bin Salman: “How did Mohammed bin Salman strengthen his country’s relations with radical right-wingers in Europe, despite their hostilities towards Muslims and Arabs.
The study found that Mohammed bin Salman strengthens his ties with the “People” party, representing the extreme right-wingers in Denmark, and the Democratic party in Sweden, which is most linked to the phenomenology of Islamophobia.

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