“Nasrallah sows panic among Israelis without resorting to military aggression”

An Israeli daily newspaper reports on the successful strategy of Lebanese Hezbollah to scare Israelis.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported in an article that Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah preferred not to speak out about the tunnels, their exact number and whether they had been fully discovered or not.

“He does not like to talk about the exact number of high-precision missiles available to Hezbollah because he prefers to keep this question in a halo of uncertainty. It is a strategy to sow panic among Israelis without even bothering to launch a military aggression,” Haaretz added.

“On the one hand, Nasrallah tries to be considered an honest man by the Israelis and on the other hand, he intends to discredit the Israeli authorities to their people who already consider them as corrupt and cowardly leaders. Nasrallah warns Israelis that their leaders are making erroneous military decisions that could turn them into a meaningless war for the sole purpose of achieving their own electoral goals and objectives, or even to escape prison,” Haaretz reported.

The Israeli daily believes that Nasrallah is trying to encourage Israelis to ask their leaders to stop attacks on Syria, as the transfer of high-precision missiles to Hezbollah has already been completed.

“Nasrallah suggests that the Israelis think twice before blindly believing the words of their leaders who claim that the tunnels were destroyed. He then pointed out that the tunnels were part of Hezbollah’s combat strategy, but that the whole strategy was not based on them and that the destruction of the tunnels would not harm Hezbollah’s military capacity. »

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