Occupied Al-Quds: Intense clashes between Palestinians and Israeli military

Six Palestinians were injured in clashes with the Israeli military in Quds.

The Israeli military continues to attack Palestinian civilians.

On the morning of Friday, May 10, a group of Israeli soldiers stormed various locations in Quds. These attacks ignited the fuse of intense clashes between Palestinians and Israelis, resulting in the wounding of six Palestinians.

There are reportedly many cases of psychiatric illness among Israeli army personnel. Nine Israeli soldiers committed suicide in 2018 according to figures published in January 2019 by the Israeli regime’s army.

Despite preventive measures by military officials, the number of suicide attempts among Israeli army personnel remains very high.

Israel, whose military forces were defeated in 2006 by Hizbollah, boasts one of the most successful armies in the region. And yet, the Israeli General Staff is well aware of the organic flaws in its army. In particular, the lack of motivation of young soldiers who often prefer to have fun rather than fight…


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