Quds, West Bank, Gaza, fronts are multiplying inside Israel

Palestinians in Gaza mourn the death of a 14-year-old child killed by an Israeli sniper fire on Friday. This new murder is symptomatic of one thing: Israel is in panic. As the Tel Aviv regime prepares to face an election deadline that could see Netanyahu permanently removed from the political scene according to the results of recent polls, the worst thing that can happen is a conflagration of what the Israelis call the home front. Well, the fear of the Israeli army was evident on Friday when a crowd of angry Palestinians reopened the golden door and the Israeli military dared not move a finger.

The Israeli army and intelligence apparatus are particularly visible in the increasing connection between Gaza and the West Bank, resulting in their rage at arbitrary arrests of West Bankers or the murder of Gazans.

On Saturday, Zionist regime soldiers launched a major incursion into various regions of the West Bank where they are trying to locate “armed cells”. According to the Iranian news agency Arya, the Israeli military attacked Ramana village west of Jenin yesterday Saturday at dawn, where they arrested a young Palestinian girl. West of Bethlehem in the West Bank, checkpoints have also been set up.

In Quds, sources reported the arrest of three Palestinians, including the President of the Palestinian Prisoners Association, by Zionist troops east of Quds. Indeed, one day after Bab al-Rahmah entered al-Aqsa Mosque from the Palestinians, the Israeli military arrested 3 of them: Nasser Qaous, the president of the above-mentioned association, Ali Ajjaj and Samer al-Qobani. According to eyewitnesses, these three people were transferred to a centre for what is believed to be a very aggressive interrogation.

In Gaza, Israel is suffering the full force of the amplification of the Great Return Marches, which has been held every Friday for the past 9 months without any interruption. Hence this behaviour now back from the Zionist soldiers who shoot indiscriminately at everything that moves. The Gazan teenager who was executed in cold blood by Israeli sniper fire was participating in the 48th March of the Great Return.

According to Ashraf al-Qaedr, spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health, Youssef al-Daya, 14, was killed on Friday while more than 20 people were injured by live ammunition from Israeli forces. Since 30 March last year, approximately 280 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed and more than 28,000 injured in Gaza.

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