Report: U.S. invaded Iraq knowing it was going to create chaos

Several U.S. diplomats warned in 2002 that an invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime would lead the Arab country into internal chaos.

A recently declassified document brings to light alerts from three veteran diplomats to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell (2001-2005) about the implications of a U.S. invasion of Iraq, as proposed by former President George W. Bush (2001-2009), according to a report published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal.

“An effort to overthrow the Baghdad regime could have unpredictable implications. If we are not careful, it could create a ‘perfect storm’ for American interests,” the three veteran diplomats wrote in a secret letter sent to Powell.

Ignoring the warning, the White House ordered its troops to attack and invade Iraq on March 19, 2002, without having defined a plan for the post-war era in this Arab country, picks up the medium.

The US military intervention, backed by its allies, led to the capture of the Iraqi dictator in 2003, which put an end to a despot regime that imposed an eight-year war on Iran.

After the overthrow of Hussein, very soon, the Iraqis and the US troops deployed in Iraq witnessed the beginning of a fierce struggle between the different tribes and indigenous ethnic groups that make up the complex Iraqi society with the aim of taking control of the Arab country, adds the US newspaper.

As a consequence, the newspaper emphasizes that these confrontations were the germs that later gave rise to the appearance of the terrorist group ISIS that spread its terror throughout Iraqi territory.

In this 10-page document, the aforementioned diplomats stressed: “This vision requires planning to stay in Iraq for five years. If you are lucky, this time will be reduced to four years, and if not, it will continue for 10 years.

Even the current US president, Donald Trump, described the invasion of Iraq as the worst decision in the history of the American country.

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