Repression resumes in Arabia: MBS arrests his own brother

In Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammad Ben Salmane continues to assert his power and eliminate dissenting or potentially dissenting voices, especially in the royal family, the only focus of the challenge to his forced enthronement, as the successor to his father King Salmane.
The last of his victims this time is his own brother, Bandar ben Salmane, reports the twitter account al-Ahed al-Jadeed, known for his revelations about Saudi political life.
“MBS arrested his brother Bandar ben Salmane and sent him to his mother Fahdat al-Hathline, who is under house arrest in Abha, at Prince Sultan’s palace which looks like a prison,” he tweeted.
The information on MBS’s mother’s removal was confirmed by the American media NBC last March, based on the faith of 14 American officials that American Intelligence has reliable and certain information that MBS has held her and removed her from her father for the past two years. The American report also reported that MBS was constantly making up excuses for her absence, including that she was hospitalized outside Arabia. He also indicated that she was under house arrest because she had opposed her son’s policy and had some influence over her father.
Many Saudi princes are also imprisoned on the pretext of corruption charges after they protested against MBS’s return to power.
In recent months, the Saudi Crown Prince has suspended for some time the policy of repression against groups suspected of contesting his accession to power, when the case of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was a strong supporter of the Saudi regime but criticised its presence, broke out. In this murder, which caused a worldwide outcry, MBS is the first suspect to have sponsored it and voices were raised in the United States for its dismissal.
But it did escape, thanks mainly to the significant American and Israeli support it received.

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