Russia: Pyongyang wants security guarantees against its denuclearization

It seems that Kim’s visit to Moscow after he had just visited Beijing helped to confirm his position against Washington. Pyongyang has just threatened to abandon negotiations with the United States if it sees no change in the behaviour of the Trump administration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met on Thursday, April 25 at their first summit in Vladivostok, a city in the Russian Far East. They have pledged to strengthen their ties as the prospect of an agreement with the United States from Trump moves further and further away.

In their opening speech, the Russian and North Korean leaders welcomed the long history of their countries’ relations. Putin said he wanted to help ease tensions on the Korean peninsula.

The future of negotiations between the United States and North Korea on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula seems uncertain after the Kim-Trump summit in Hanoi. Since then, there has been no direct contact between the two parties, although Washington claims that the talks are still progressing.

Kim Jong-un’s visit to Russia comes two months after his second meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Some analysts believe that Kim Jong-un would be disappointed with the progress of negotiations with the United States, which would lead him to develop his relations with China and Russia.

In a final development, North Korea asked the United States to get rid of Mike Pompeo, officially described as immature and very careless and to replace him with a mature and wise person.

In addition, Pyongyang reiterated its refusal to deal with “enlightened” people like Bolton because of its blindness to ideology, which is considered extremist and irrational.

Pending these changes in the composition of the US delegation, North Korea has reactivated 80% of its nuclear and ballistic capabilities and conducted two tests involving a tactical ballistic missile and a new cruise missile powered by a ramjet.

Following the meeting with Kim Jong-un, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the security guarantees demanded by Pyongyang in exchange for his commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

In addition, North Korea strongly criticized Thursday the fact that South Korea conducted a joint military exercise with the United States, describing it as an “unfair” act that could jeopardize inter-Korean relations.

In a statement relayed by the Central News Agency of North Korea (KCNA), the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country (CPRC) also called on Seoul to “act with caution”, warning that “there could be a response from our army”.

This is the first time that Pyongyang has strongly denounced Seoul in a statement from the CPRC, which has been managing inter-Korean affairs since the beginning of last year, which has seen the resumption of dialogue and exchanges between the two Koreas after several years of freezing.

Last month, Seoul and Washington launched a two-week joint aerial manoeuvre around the Korean peninsula. This was a smaller exercise to replace Max Thunder, a larger training exercise.


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