Russia tells the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force to “remember the Vietnam War”

After US Air Force Chief of Staff Dave Goldfein praised the F-35 Lightning II’s undercover capabilities last week, the Russian authorities felt the need to give him a warning.

“If Russia were to see an F-35 in its airspace, then we would send a short message to the US Chief of Staff: “Remember Vietnam,” the Russian Embassy in the United States tweeted according to the Air Force Times website. “An F-35 will never be alone,” she added.

The Russian message was accompanied by a short video of the ground-to-air missile launch. The tweet from the Russian Embassy was a response to Goldfein’s comments at the Brookings Institution on Tuesday: “If China, Russia or any of our rivals on the planet saw an F-35 in their airspace… it would be like a short message: “We are here!” If they see an F-35, which is very unlikely, it means that it is not alone. He is part of an undercover group,” he said.

Russia has also developed a fifth generation fighter, called the Sukhoi Su-57. Like the F-35, the Su-57 is designed to shoot down air, land and naval targets and to destroy the command systems of enemy air forces.

As a reminder, Vladimir Putin warned last Wednesday that Russia intended to deploy missiles capable of reaching “the territories where the decision-making centres” threatening the country are located. A declaration in response to the installation of new American systems in Europe.

In addition, Russian state television on Sunday listed the American military installations (Pentagon, Camp David, etc.) that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to reach them in less than five minutes.


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