Saudi Arabia: a child beheaded for Belonging to Shia Islam

The murder of the 6-year-old Shia Saudi Shia boy, who was beheaded for reasons that are not yet explicit, has been widely condemned in the media and on social networks. Especially since the incident took place before his mother’s eyes and without anyone among the passers-by intervening to prevent it.

In the absence of an official version from the Saudi authorities who arrested the criminal, several versions are reported by the media to this morbid murder that took place in the holy city of Madinah on Wednesday, January 30. On social networks, comments stigmatize the fact that Zakariyah al-Jaber was killed because he is a Shia. This is not yet proven. Knowing all the same that Wahhabism, the state religion in Saudi Arabia, takes a very harsh stance against Shia, Sufis and other Islamic schools. It not only repudiates them but also legitimizes their elimination.

Curiously, the British daily Mirror propagates this approach to confessional crime. He reports that a man approached the mother, visiting the holy city of Madinah, during their visit to the Great Mosque of the Prophet and asked her if they were Shia. After a few moments, a car stopped in front of the mother and son, and the child was pulled out.
“The little boy was stabbed several times in the neck with a piece of glass until his head was torn off and his mother could do nothing but scream, helpless,” Mirror wrote.

Another very common version on news sites supports the same cause of the facts but with differences in detail. She reports that it was in a taxi that the driver asked the mother if she was Shia. And that after some time, he stopped the car near a coffee shop, pulled the little boy from his mother and went to cut his throat.

A Saudi newspaper, Makkat, for its part, gave another somewhat different version, without reporting that the crime was committed for religious reasons. According to him, he reports the story of the victim’s aunt who tells how her sister who came from the Ihsa’ region of Madinah took a taxi to visit the Prophet’s Mosque and found that the driver kept repeating Allahouakbar.
Then she asked him to go downstairs to buy something from a grocery store to drink for her son who was thirsty. The driver then followed them, grabbed the little child, fixed him to the ground and stabbed him saying, “Allah akbar, allah Akbar, death is truth, you have to bury the dead to honor him”. When his mother recovered the bloody body of the boy, the criminal ran after him, asking him if he was dead. In this version, the confessional dimension of the crime is not apparent.

As for Sayyedati, a women’s magazine, it focuses more on the facts in search of causes: it tells how the perpetrator broke the window of a store to take a piece of glass and kill the young child. A police officer reportedly tried to save the boy while the mother was asking for help from passers-by was injured.

In all versions, it is said that the mother is in a lamentable state and is still in hospital. It is above all his version of the facts that will give the whole truth.

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