Saudi Arabia: an application to prevent women from leaving the country

The Saudi government has developed an application, allowing fathers and husbands to control women’s movements and thus prevent them from leaving the territory.
We were happy to learn that Saudi women could now have the right to drive, but they will obviously have to stop at the borders of Saudi Arabia.

Under the supervision of men
It is impossible for a Saudi woman to travel or move freely without the prior consent of her husband, father or brother.
The government has created an application: Abstain. With a few clicks, men can decide whether or not a woman has the right to leave Saudi Arabia. Absher means “the preacher” in Arabic. The application sends a notification as soon as a woman presents her passport at the border or airport. If his male “tutor” so decides, he can prevent him from travelling. The Business Insider website obtained several screenshots of these notifications sent by the Ministry of the Interior: “Sarah, number ***7698, left King Abdulaziz Airport on 12-11-2012”.

Some women try to steal their father’s or husband’s phone so they can escape. Others change the SMS alert phone number to receive them on their mobile. Every year, a thousand women try to leave Saudi Arabia.

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