Saudi Arabia dropped half a million bombs in 4 years in Yemen

The Government of Yemen reports that in the four years of aggression by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen, they have dropped half a million bombs on the country.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and its allies have dropped half a million bombs, missiles and howitzers against Yemen and have carried out more than 250,000 air strikes, according to the Yemeni army this Saturday.

Of that number of bombs, according to Yahya Saree, one of the spokespersons for the armed forces, some 6,000 were cluster bombs – banned by the Convention on Cluster Munitions (2008). He insists that other types of illegal weapons have also been used.

Saree has also reported that a total of 22 countries have accompanied Riyadh on its military adventure and tens of thousands of mercenaries, both Yemeni and foreign, have fought in the ranks of Saudi Arabia in its bloody and inhumane war against Yemen. Most importantly, it denounces Riyadh and its allies for targeting Yemeni civilians and Yemeni infrastructure and preventing humanitarian aid and goods from entering the country.

Lastly, he warned that the Yemeni army and popular movement Ansarola would continue to respond to each and every aggression against Yemen and that they would continue to carry out attacks against the territory of the aggressor countries until the latter reconsidered and ceased their military operations against the Yemeni Government and people.

“We have aerial images of dozens of enemy military installations and bases […] We have also identified targets in the capitals of the Saudi regime and the United Arab Emirates (UAE),” threatens the spokesman.

Since March 2015, the Saudi regime and its allies have been conducting a brutal military campaign against Yemen and are using all kinds of weapons, including those banned at the international level, with the aim of restoring the former Yemeni fugitive Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi to power.

Yemeni forces, in addition to facing foreign aggression within Yemen’s borders, frequently attack targets on Saudi soil.

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