Saudi Arabia kills 4 civilians in the beginning of 5th year of aggression against Yemen

New Saudi attacks, launched on the first day of the fifth year of their aggression against Yemen, have killed four civilians and wounded three.

Saudi Arabian fighter planes and their allies attacked residential areas in the province of Sa’ada (northwest Yemen) on Tuesday. Specifically, they hit a rural hospital located in the market of that demarcation.

At least four civilians have died and three have been injured as a result of Saudi bombing that also caused damage to a gas station, according to Yemeni satellite television Al Masirah.

Today marks four years since the brutal military campaign led by Riyadh against Yemen, which has caused more than 60 000 deaths in the poorest country in the Arab world, and caused “the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis”, with some 22 million people needing help to survive and several million more suffering from famine.


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