Saudi Arabia, the kingdom where cut heads swim in oil

A few days ago 37 people were beheaded in Saudi Arabia. The executions took place with a sword and in public. Being an executioner there is a lucrative activity whose order book is always full.

Most of the victims were members of the Shia minority known to be hostile to the royal power of the Saudis. If their heads have rolled in the dust in front of a large audience, it is because this show attracts many amateurs there. In addition, it offers the advantage of frightening potential opponents.

Some of the executed were crucified. And their bodies were left to rot on crosses for several days. A punishment considered infamous because it was the one the Romans reserved for rebellious slaves and, later, for Christ.

This massacre (107 heads cut off since the beginning of the year) has not provoked any protest from Western leaders. There is no doubt that they were disgusted with it in their strong interior. But they should not be asked to say out loud what they think out loud.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia is our ally. Not our friend, though. A marriage of reason is not a marriage of the heart. But who could resist the lure of billions of petrodollars, the promise of lucrative contracts and fabulous investments?

A rich Arab is entitled to all the curtsy in the world, while a miserable and filthy Arab will be despised.

The reason of State, the interests of a State always take precedence over the impulses of conscience. When the King of Arabia came to take up his summer quarters on the French Riviera, a beach was privatized for him and his suite (1000 people) and a prefect came to pay tribute to him.

This acceptance of the unacceptable can also be seen as a form of racism that is poorly concealed. We will shamefully say: “These people are not like us, we must understand them”. We will take refuge behind a cowardly phrase: “they have traditions that we must respect”.

Indeed, 37 heads cut off are – is it not? – only the certainly deplorable fallout from ancestral habits that we do not allow ourselves to criticize. If we did, our leaders would have to admit that not all civilizations are equal. And they refuse to do that because they are well-mannered.

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