Sinai: Hamas is said to have joined the Egyptian army

Israel claims to be betrayed by Sissi’s Egypt and not in any case! For years, the Israeli secret services have been supporting and leading the Sinai daechist terrorists, who, in accordance with Israeli demands on Egypt, have been carrying out bloody anti-Egyptian attacks. They attack the army, the population and serve as a lever of pressure against Egypt. Tel Aviv, seeking to build on its links with Egypt, has pushed Cairo closer to Hamas. Without suspecting for a moment that such a rapprochement could be fatal to its takfirist agents in Sinai. In short, Sissi’s Egypt played well, managing to neutralize a Syrian-style scenario on its own territory.

The DEBKAfile site, close to Israeli military intelligence, reports that the Egyptian government surprised Israel about Hamas.

“In February, the head of the Egyptian intelligence services, General Abbas Kamel, secretly negotiated an agreement providing that Hamas would assist the Egyptian intelligence services with regard to the possibility of fighting Daech in Sinai, alongside the Egyptian army,” the Israeli site wrote. At first, the agreement raised no suspicion, and Cairo even managed to convince American, Israeli and Saudi officials (i.e. the parties directly involved in the creation, support and maintenance of Daech, editor’s note) of the usefulness of the approach.

But things began to go wrong between Cairo and Tel Aviv when the latter realized that Hamas was cooperating with the Egyptian army against terrorists linked to the Israeli secret services and acting against the Egyptian army and Egyptian interests. These interests include gas interests. Israel may have signed a historic gas supply contract with its Egyptian neighbour, but it is Egypt that should establish itself as a gas hub in the region. Indeed, Egypt has very large inshore and offshore gas reserves: 2200 billion m3 in January 2015. Between 2000 and 2011, Egypt tripled its gas production, allowing it to export it, particularly to Israel and Jordan (European Parliament report, 2017). The gas fields are mainly located in the Nile Delta basin. For an Israel that has doubled Russia’s gas supply to Europe, the emergence of a gas power at its doorstep is the worst thing. Cairo would have understood this well if it had been helped by its Gazan neighbour and if it had sought to amputate Israel from its decaying agents in Sinai.


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