Spanish judge accuses Riyadh arms exporter of corruption

The Spanish judiciary has decided to prosecute the leadership of the public arms company Defex for irregularities in the sale of military equipment to Saudi Arabia.

The judge of the Audiencia Nacional José de la Mata on Wednesday issued an order in which he proposes to try nine directors of the Spanish company Defex for irregularities in 11 contracts for the supply of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, entered into between 2005 and 2014, for an amount greater than 48 million euros.

The magistrate said he has evidence that Defex paid illegal commissions to Saudi officials for shells for tanks and artillery, and ammunition for automatic weapons.

In the order to transfer the proceedings to an abbreviated procedure -similar to prosecution in a summary-, the magistrate of the Audiencia Nacional considers that the facts under investigation constitute crimes of corruption in international commercial transactions, corruption in business, bribery, money laundering and the crime of organization and criminal group.

In the Defex case, military supply contracts are being investigated with five countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Angola and Cameroon.

Last Friday, the Spanish Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office presented its indictment in the Angolan piece, in which it claims 50 years in prison for José Ignacio Encinas and other former Defex executives for the alleged diversion of 41 million euros paid in commissions to obtain contracts for police equipment.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, the third piece to be concluded, the judge proceeds against Encinas Charro and eight other individuals, the former directors Manuel Iglesias Sarria and Angel Larumbe, among others, and against three companies as legal persons, namely: Defex SA, Defence Devolopment and Nytel Global.

The Government of Spain resists suspending the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia despite reports from the United Nations (UN) that report the devastating effects of the military campaign carried out by Riyadh in Yemen. Although Madrid does not admit it, there are data pointing to Riyadh using Spanish ammunition in its attacks on Yemenis.

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