Syria accuses Turkey of violating the Adana Agreement since 2011

A source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to rumours about joint Turkey/Syria cooperation under the Adana Agreement.

This source pointed out that after repeated and irresponsible statements by the Turkish government concerning its hostile intentions in Syria, “it must be said that Syria is still respecting the said agreement”.

The Syrian Official News Agency (SANA), citing this source, reported that in addition to the Adana Agreement, Syria has complied with other agreements related to the fight against terrorism, but that the Turkish government since 2011, by supporting terrorism, providing financial assistance to terrorists or occupying Syrian territory through terrorist groups in its pay or army, has further violated and violated the Adana Agreement.

“Thus, Syria stresses that the agreement can be reactivated provided that the situation at the common borders returns to normal, that the Ankara government respects this agreement, that it ceases to support, finance, arm and train terrorists and that it withdraws its military forces from the Syrian territories they occupy, so that both countries can reactivate this agreement, which ensures border security between them,” the source said.


Focusing on the situation in northern Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on Friday that Ankara should take control of the situation on the ground in northern Syria and that other options were unacceptable. “Everything that happens in this part of the world is about Turkey and not Syria and the consequences also affect Turkey,” he said.

He also stated that a “buffer zone” would soon be created in northern Syria, without failing to specify that “Turkey is the only power capable of creating this safe zone and that the formation of a “global consensus” for this case is excluded”.

Erdogan also claimed that, in accordance with the 1998 Adana Agreement with Syria, Turkey reserves the right to intervene in Syria in the event of threats.

The Adana Agreement is an agreement signed on 20 October 1998 in Adana between Syria and Turkey. It urges the Syrian authorities to fight the PKK on their territory. This is one of the texts that has led to the normalisation of relations between the two countries.

Between 2011 and 2012, Erdogan strengthened the Adana agreement. He succeeded in having it adopted by the Turkish National Assembly. It must now be seen whether, under the current conditions, Erdogan will pursue, as Vladimir Putin and Iran wish, the policy of negotiating and normalizing relations with Damascus, or whether he will set out on a much more dangerous path…

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