Syria: Iran promises a surprise to Israel

In an interview with the Tasnim news agency, Admiral Ali Chamkhani, representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, discussed the latest political and security developments in the region in general and Iran in particular.

“Trump’s decision to withdraw his troops from Syria is explained by the realities of the region facing the United States. One of the most important, whether in Syria or elsewhere in the region, is that the United States’ allies have suffered a severe setback in response to the will of the peoples of the region, which has cost Washington a great deal financially, politically and militarily. Trump is a businessman and cannot afford to spend without getting anything. From this point of view, the American withdrawal is the result of a policy based on reality on the ground. The announcement of the transfer of American forces to Iraq is more of a propaganda act. The Iraqi government, Parliament and the nation are strongly opposed to the presence of American forces in their country. The American presence in Iraq is highly criticized and Americans face a major challenge. In my opinion, by the end of 2019, the United States will have to leave the rest of the region.

The idea of forming a coalition against Iran was born under the Obama administration. Several countries, including those in the southern Persian Gulf, have friendly relations with Iran and see no need to form a military and security coalition against Iran. Countries such as Qatar, Oman and Kuwait are trying to prevent any tension. Within the United Arab Emirates, there are leaders who wish to cooperate and dispel misunderstandings.

It is true that the United States’ intention is to find allies in a coalition against the Iranian people, but the peoples of the region do not share the position of their leaders. Of course, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always taken the military threat of the enemy seriously. That is why it is strengthening its deterrent capacity by developing its missiles and air defence capabilities. Today, Iran is able to provide a strong response to any threat against it, of which Trump, his administration and Tel Aviv are well aware. That’s why they’re making threats. Trump doesn’t want a war, but to keep his face, he makes threats.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to take measures to neutralize the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States against its oil exports. Of course, American pressure has a cost for Iran, but it does not affect the will of the Islamic Republic.

Although professional observers are well aware of the military potential and other capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and there is no need to express and repeat them, the suspension of oil exports does not necessarily mean closing the Straits of Hormuz and there are other alternatives that we hope not to be forced to use. »

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