Syria: Israel cooperates with terrorists to find its soldier

Syria points out that the recent discovery of the body of an Israeli soldier in Damascus shows cooperation between the Israeli regime and terrorist groups.

Earlier this week, the remains of Israeli commander Zachary Baumel were found in the Palestinian refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk in Damascus (Syrian capital), the high command reportedly died in 1982 during the war with Lebanon.

Syria’s information minister, Imad Abdullah Sara, said Thursday that the operation to recover Baumel’s body “was carried out by Israel and armed terrorist groups in Syria.

“What has happened is new evidence confirming cooperation between terrorist groups” and Israeli intelligence, the official said.


The Syrian government said in a statement that Damascus “has no idea of the remains of the Israeli soldier”. “There is no information about the whole affair and whether or not there are remains,” the statement reads.

Also, an official of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine indicated on Wednesday that insurgents, who had control of the Al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus until last year, dug graves in search of the remains of three missing soldiers of the Israeli regime.

Several reports have revealed that Israel offers assistance to terrorists in Syria to, as denounced by Syrian authorities, prolong the crisis in the Arab country.

The Syrian army and its allied forces have discovered in many operatives numerous terrorist depots full of Israeli-made weapons and food.


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