Syria: USS Abraham Lincoln arrives in the Mediterranean with the US Ambassador to Russia on board

An American warship has arrived in the eastern Mediterranean with the mission of “sending a warning message to Russia” in Syria.

US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman reportedly boarded the US aircraft carrier that entered Mediterranean waters on Tuesday, April 23, to “give a severe warning to the Russians,” CNN TV reported on Wednesday, April 24.

Jon Huntsman is reported to have observed the operations of 9,000 sailors, 130 aircraft and 10 ships aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on his first trip to the Mediterranean.

The United States and other Western countries accuse Russia of “bad behaviour” in countries such as Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela.

The U.S. decision comes just a week after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with several Russian officials to discuss a range of issues, including the possible 49-year lease of the Tartous naval base.

The United States also expresses concern about Russia’s activities in Venezuela and accuses it of sending troops to that Latin American country in support of President Maduro, an accusation that has been categorically rejected by Moscow, claiming that the Russians will only provide humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan population and under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO).


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