Tel Aviv: Hamas has laser missiles of which we know nothing

Senior Israeli security officials have claimed that Hamas has thousands of laser-guided missiles, reports Raï al-Youm.

“Hamas has thousands of laser-guided missiles about which we have little information,” said these senior Israeli authorities.

“During the 2014 war, Hamas used laser-guided anti-tank missiles. At the time, this movement had only a small number of them, but now it has at least 1,500,” these sources said.

And Israeli security officials claim: “The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades are being trained to use them and Israel has little information on these missiles and their range. »

It should be recalled that during Israel’s three-day war against Gaza, Resistance fighters inflicted severe blows on the Israeli military. By firing a remote-controlled Kornet missile, they destroyed an Israeli military vehicle.


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