Terrorists hit the Syrian army in Lattakia, Russians retaliate

The ink on the final declaration of the 12th meeting on Syria in the Kazakh capital has not yet dried that pro-Turkish terrorists are already attacking the positions of the government army in Lattakia. The Russians did not remain indifferent, their helicopters hitting the terrorists’ lairs in Hamah province.

In early April, some media sources reported on the possible construction of an Iranian naval base in Latakia. Since then, pro-Turkish terrorists have increased their attacks against this coastal region of western Syria. However, they no longer have any chance in the strategic province next to their last stronghold on Syrian territory.

Syrian sources have reported the emergence of terrorists against Syrian army positions in the Shalaf stronghold in the north-eastern suburbs of Latakia.

Syrian forces, for their part, attacked terrorist lairs in the southern rif of Idlib and the north-western rif of Hamah.

In addition, government soldiers destroyed vehicles and shelters belonging to Tahrir al-Sham terrorists in the vicinity of Abedin district, southeast of Idlib.

The army also destroyed the mortar and rocket depot of the Tahrir al-Sham elements around Hassaria and Kafr Zita, in the northern suburbs of Hamah.

According to some sources, Russian helicopters hit terrorist positions in northern Hamah, just after a raid by Russian fighters in the same region.

Terrorists near the Turkish border fired at least one rocket at the town of Lattakia in the afternoon of April 25, reported the official Syrian news agency, SANA.

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