The Iranian Chief of Staff in Abu Kamal and Mayadin under the helpless eyes of the US drones!

What has been happening for the past 48 hours at the very heart of the Resistance’s axis should worry its opponents: Syria, Iran and Iraq are readjusting their combat plans to push the occupying forces out of Syria. The Iranian Chief of Staff spent Tuesday on the Resistance/NATO/USA combat front in Abu Kamal. The entire Eastern Euphrates region, a region rich in water and oil coveted by the USA and its French and British allies, was visited. Earlier in the day, his Iraqi counterpart, General Othman al-Ghanemi, who was also visiting Damascus on the occasion of the military summit, reported that the Syrian-Iraqi borders had been opened after five years. “Iraqi security depends on Syria’s security and these are two unbreakable issues.”

General Mohammad Baqeri visited Deir ez-Zor, al-Mayadine and Abu-Kamal, three strategic areas where the axis of the Resistance maintains most of its positions. The Iranian general held talks with the Syrian fighters and their Iranian advisers on the ground.

The purpose of the visit to the central and eastern parts of Syria was, according to press reports, to “supervise the operation of the Resistance fighters against the latest residues of the US-backed Daech terrorist group”. The Iranian Chief of Staff then visited the Syrian-Iranian border area, the area from which the Americans say they want to drive Iran out. The commander dealt with the forces on the spot with the latest military developments, even though these positions of the Resistance forces were less than 200 metres from the Daech terrorists in Baghouz.

As soon as General Baqeri’s visit was announced, the Americans flew their fighter planes into the sky of Abu Kamal, as if to announce their presence, which was “perfectly helpless”. The Iranian Chief of Staff continued his visit.

The USA and Turkey will have to leave the territories they occupy

In an interview with the IRIB correspondent, General Baqeri welcomed the high morale of the Resistance fighters, adding that they will eventually expel not only the Daech terrorists but also all their foreign supporters “very soon”.

On the presence of the Americans east of the Euphrates, the Iranian military official called for an immediate withdrawal of foreign forces “from the territories of the Resistance country” that is Syria. He also called on Turkey to keep its promises made during the Astana negotiations regarding northern Syria, including the city of Idlib where Ankara said it did not want a permanent presence.

During the last stage of his visit, General Baqeri examined the situation on the Euphrates coast in the regions of al-Mayadine and Deir ez-Zor.

For political analysts, the Iranian general’s visit to Abu Kamal, Mayadine, west of Deir ez-Zor, testifies to the imminence of an offensive aimed at liberating the eastern Euphrates: “This operation may precede that of Idlib,” said Abdelbari Atwan, Rai al-Youm’s editorialist.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army issued a statement affirming its determination to take over the eastern Euphrates from the US-backed FDS. Indeed, the opening of the Iraq-Syria corridor, announced by the Iraqi Chief of Staff, cannot take place without total security in the eastern Euphrates, in other words without “the end of the US occupation”. The Syrian-Iraqi border was closed in 2014 after Daech’s hold over western and northern Iraq. The Syrian-Jordanian borders were opened in 2018 after Deraa was taken over by the Syrian army and its allies.

Assad-Baqeri Meeting

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran, in his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, stated that Syria’s counter-terrorism and defence also strengthen Iranian and Iraqi security because terrorism threatens the three countries and the entire region more generally.

Earlier this Monday, the Syrian Minister of Defence, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub and the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian and Iraqi armies, Mohammad Baqeri and Othman al-Ghanemi respectively, participated in a press conference at which Baqeri warned against the efforts of global arrogance to fuel insecurity in the Middle East. He also stressed that the fight against terrorists would continue until their complete elimination.

General Baqeri also said that the issue of opening border crossings remains crucial for trade and tourism, including the Iranian pilgrimage to holy sites in Iraq and Syria.

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