The Israeli Prime Minister is coming to an end

In Israel, hundreds of people beat the pavement on Sunday, March 3, in Tel Aviv and called loud and clear for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The protesters called for Netanyahu’s resignation when he did not intend to step aside from power and wants to run for a fifth term in the April 9 elections.

Israeli Attorney General Avichaï Mendelblit has announced his decision to charge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with corruption, fraud and treason.

He also announced on Friday, March 1, that he had warned Netanyahu that nothing would prevent him from taking decisions on financial corruption cases.

The results of a poll conducted on Friday, March 1 also show that two-thirds of Israelis believe that Netanyahu should resign from his position because of his involvement in corruption cases.

This is the first time an Israeli Prime Minister has been criminally charged, which has strongly affected Netanyahu’s attempts to be re-elected.

The demonstrators were carrying signs with slogans hostile to Netanyahu such as “Netanyahu is criminal”.

The protesters also headed to the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Party, Likud, and demanded Netanyahu’s resignation.

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