The King of Bahrain wants a strong “Israel”… that can defeat the USA

The rabbi adviser to the Bahraini king Hamad ben Issa Al-Khalifat, Marc Schneier, revealed the background of Manama’s rapprochement with Tel Aviv undertaken by this small emirate of 765 km2 and a population of no more than one and a half million, nearly half of whom are not citizens.
This rapprochement should end with the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, scheduled for soon.

“If there is one Gulf State that deserves to be at the top of the list of States that can have good relations with Israel, it is Bahrain,” he said in an interview with the CNN.

And for good reason, his king had told him from their first meeting in his palace in 2011 that he wanted to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.
He continued: “The King of Bahrain told me publicly in 2016 that for a moderate Arab voice in the Gulf we need a strong Israel”.

The interview with this American television station was conducted in the first week of February and some of its footage was translated by the Watanserb golf website, which specializes in revelations about the policies of these states.

The CNN correspondent said she contacted the Bahraini authorities to obtain their responses to the Rabbi’s revelations, but they preferred to remain “reserved” on this issue.

On the other hand, it was Rabbi Schneier who wanted to comment on their reservations: “Of course there is panic, it is part of the operation, but the good news is that the journey has begun”.

Since contacts between the Zionist entity and the Gulf countries began, it has been the media and Israeli officials who have revealed its content, while the leaders of these Arab countries have confined themselves to the omerta. A policy designed to mislead their public opinion, which is being brainwashed to admit normalization with Israel.

During his television interview, Shneier explained why Bahrain is moving towards normalization with Israel. Identifying three factors.
At their head is animosity against Iran, which he says is “a common enemy”.
As a second factor, he cited the economic transformation in these principalities, mainly due to the decline in hydrocarbon demand. “Many Gulf leaders see Israel as a definitive economic partner for them,” he says.
“The Gulf States would like to strengthen their relations with the United States, particularly with the Trump administration. But they do not see Israel as a mere channel to the Trump administration but also as a rival that can defeat the United States,” he also pointed out as a third factor.

At the beginning of his interview, the Jewish rabbi had given another reason for this rapprochement. “I see from a religious point of view that the vision of the Gulf of the Promised Land is beginning to reach the phase of collaboration, understanding and coexistence among religious societies.

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