The Leader receives the teachers, narrators and memorizers of the Koran

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution granted an audience on Monday, April 15, to teachers, reciters and memorizers of the Koran, participating in the 36th edition of the international competitions for recitation and memorization of the Koran, in Tehran.

“The Koran is the book that brings happiness to mankind in the world below and in the afterlife, if we act in accordance with its precepts and teachings,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The Koran says”… And those who are with him are hard on the unbelievers, merciful to each other, Sura Al-Fath, verse 29” but some of us Muslims forget it, like those in Islamic countries who have collaborated with the United States and the Zionists and have trampled on the blood and rights of the Palestinians. These are the ones who have become the servants of the Unbelievers, instead of being hard on them. They are the same people who are not “merciful to each other”. And so wars are unleashed, including the war against Yemen, which for the past four years has been the target of unrelenting bombardments by so-called Muslims,” said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Later in his remarks, the Leader of the Revolution referred to American pressure against Iran to say: “What Iran’s enemies are currently plotting against us, looks like a swan song, the ultimate effort before their surrender; they will be able to seek us all the evil they want, it would make us more difficult, more combative. They may seek to take us away from the Koranic teachings, our attachment will be even greater, deeper,” said the Leader.

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