The majority of French people denounce the way the media cover yellow vests

A majority of French people do not trust their media. According to the results of a survey, 53% of them do not agree with the way the movement of the yellow vests was covered.

According to the Russian agency Sputnik, the survey was conducted by Viavoice for the Assises du journalisme de Tours and its results were published on 9 March.
The majority of those interviewed also blame the media for the fact that most of them “have only shown certain aspects of the movement and have not given everyone a voice”.

More than a third of respondents (35%) believe that the government and the presidential majority have been given more say, while 18% believe that the yellow vests have been given more say, in general,.

Only 36% of French people agree with the way the demonstrations were covered by the media.

This survey, conducted in partnership with France Télévisions, France Médias Monde, Le Journal du Dimanche and Radio France, reveals, among other things, that 77% of French people believe that “the media always favour sensational information or violence”.

The same percentage of respondents considered it “unacceptable to physically attack journalists”.

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