The Resistance will exist as long as there is occupation (Islamic Jihad)

Warning Israel against any further aggression or attempt to assassinate leaders and commanders of the Resistance, the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad said that his movement would respond to any terrorist act of the Israeli regime without taking into account the red lines or signed agreements.

The Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nakhala, warned that the Resistance would respond to any Israeli assassination operation against Resistance fighters.

He said that the raison d’être of the Resistance is the existence of Israel and that as long as it exists, the Resistance will continue to face it.

The senior Islamic Jihad official warned Israel that if it assassinated the movement’s leaders, it would “hit the big[Israeli] cities as a reprisal”.

According to the Pal Today information website, the senior Resistance official said he was willing to work with any party, including Iran, which stands by the Palestinians in the face of “Zionist projects”.

Welcoming Egypt’s efforts to maintain calm on the Gaza border, Mr. Nakhala stressed the Resistance’s willingness to respond to any “Zionist aggression” against the Palestinian people.

Regarding the level of preparedness of resistance groups to face the enemy in the event of a possible attack on Gaza, Nakhala said: “Resistance groups are in constant confrontation with the enemy and this will only stop if what we are fighting[the Israeli occupation] disappears. As I mentioned, the raison d’être of the Resistance is the occupation of Israel. »


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