The Russian Black Sea Fleet intercepted an American destroyer

The Black Sea Fleet has intercepted an American destroyer, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced today, Monday.

According to the Sputnik news agency, the US Navy in Europe stated in a statement that the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and his escort group were sailing towards the US Navy’s sixth fleet.

The sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy commands U.S. naval forces in Europe and on the west coast of Africa.

On Monday, April 15, the Russian Defence Minister confirmed that the Russian naval forces in the Black Sea were constantly monitoring the American destroyer USS Ross, which entered its waters on Sunday, April 14. According to the Ministry’s statement, the destroyer was intercepted as soon as it arrived on this sea where it would be permanently monitored via the Russian fleet’s coastal radio equipment.

According to the announcement made by the Russian navy, the Vasily Baykov patrol boat and the reconnaissance ship, Ivan Kurs of Russia are responsible for monitoring the comings and goings of American ships in the Black Sea.


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