The Russian S-400s were destroyed in the Channel

Russia announced the destruction of a ship carrying S-400 missile defence systems to China due to a storm in the Channel between the United Kingdom and France.

A Russian official said that the shipment of S-400 missile defence systems that should have been delivered to the Chinese had been destroyed by a storm in the Channel.

“The S-400 40N6 missile defence systems were destroyed and were never delivered to the Chinese side. Some of these devices would probably have fallen into the water.

Sergei Chemezov, Chief Executive Officer of the Russian state-owned company, Rostec, also presented new details on this subject at a press conference at the International Defence Exhibition (Idex) in the United Arab Emirates.

“The contract was signed between us and the Chinese a long time ago. We should deliver S-400 40N6 type missile defence systems to them, but the ship that was carrying them was destroyed by a storm and we are currently manufacturing new missile defence systems to deliver them to the Chinese,” he said.

China is subject to severe US sanctions for deciding to buy S-400s from Russia.

Dimitri Chugaëv, Head of the Federal Service of Russian Military and Technical Cooperation, announced the delivery to China of all S-400s provided for in the agreement by the end of 2020.


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