The US has channeled the Israeli elections

The right-wing bloc led by Benjamin Netanyahu won the elections of the 21st Knesset. But how did a Prime Minister involved in financial corruption cases and causing various problems in the occupied territories manage to get a new mandate?

Iranian analyst Ahmad-Reza Rouhollah-Zad explains: “Yesterday’s elections in occupied Palestine were significantly different from those held in 2015. In the past, Israeli political parties were really not under the influence of ongoing developments outside Israel. This means that the United States did not exercise serious and effective influence in the Israeli elections and was not in a position to channel them.

But this year, the American administration channelled the elections so that the party whose policies are in line with those of the United States wins the election. The withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement signed with Iran, the transfer of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds, the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the heights of the occupied Golan and the addition of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the list of terrorist organizations are the themes that Benjamin Netanyahu used to win the elections: because he was proud that all these events had taken place during his mandate.

With regard to the Golan Heights, this region was occupied in 1967 by the Israeli army. Moreover, the annexation of the Golan to Israel has never been recognized by the United Nations.

Donald Trump granted Netanyahu another great favor: he included the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the black list of terrorist organizations. This gift was given to him a few hours before the election began.

However, Netanyahu faces significant challenges within the occupied territories. For example, the corruption case in which he and his family are involved has largely discredited the Likud party in the eyes of the Israeli public. However, the United States’ plots have, in a way, reversed the course of events and Likud has finally regained its place in the polls.

Indeed, “Israeli security” is largely challenged by Netanyahu himself: his promises to annex the West Bank, to occupy Gaza, the laws he has passed against religious and ethical minorities in Israel and which make them second-class citizens, the threats he has brandished against the Resistance, have obviously worked in his favour.

But it is one thing to try to attract votes in the middle of an election campaign through promises; it is another to want to implement those same promises. The Israeli regime is not in a position to launch a new conflict in the region, mainly because of its military, security and geographical situation.

The United States is working together to achieve a single goal: strengthening security in Israel. Recent US actions in the Middle East have fuelled violence.

It seems that the White House is seeking to create a new Sykes-Picot in the hope that the countries of the region will be dismembered. Once dismembered, the countries of the region will lose their strategic depth and become more dependent on the United States. Given the plans concocted by the United States, a further escalation of violence cannot be ruled out. »


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